"the missingman" - textless preview pages of a scrapped mixed-media sci-fi comic. available to view here

"fleshdresses" - a short body horror comic for GenderTerror. available to read here

"The Impersonator" - 7 pages. concerns two teenage goth girls who summon the devil at a sleepover. available to read here 

"i want to be alone" - originally drawn for a sci-fi anthology. concerns a misanthropic housewife who installs a faster-than-light warp drive in her car and attempts to begin again as a cavewoman on an alien planet. available to buy pay-what-you-want here

"Love From 1935" - 14 pages. a surreal, messy multimedia experiment. looping circular narrative concerning a shut-in cosmetic surgeon, a wannabe starlet and her mobster girlfriend.  available to buy/download here

"Toxicity Level" - 6 pages. concerns the relationship between a shapeshifting poison monster and an eccentric pharmacist. part of the anthology Strange Romance Vol. 3. available to read here

"Coma Theory" - 4 page minicomic done for a contest. concerns a machine that can record the dreams of comatose hospital patients.  available to read here

"headbone : bleedingheart :" - 5 pages. experimental. concerns a pair of terrible women trapped in a bad mmorpg, visiting a cursed gallery. available to read here

"clowncomic episode 1" - 20 pages. my first self published comic. concerns a clown who dies and goes on a journey through the afterlife while the other members of his troupe are left to arrange his funeral.  available to buy/download here 

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